It’s Time For Justice

It’s Time For Justice is a six-edition series of White Papers on the need for immediate change in Canadian family law, so couples who need to end their relationships can do so faster, more efficiently, at less cost and less strain to separating spouses and partners, and their children. Separation and divorce directly affect 38 per cent of Canadians. Indirectly, there is no one in Canada who has not been affected by divorce in some way:  boys and girls, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, and grandparents.

These White Papers are my personal insights on how family law works in Canada, based on 20 years of practice. There are many true stories and anecdotes of “family law run amok,” but more importantly, I am committed to making needed changes happen.

I am looking for help from politicians, journalists, social workers and the public to help make these changes a reality. Please help by adding your voice and getting involved. Change family law in Canada. Now.

Why am I publishing It’s Time For Justice?

Andrew Feldstein

Andrew Feldstein

Why am I devoting time and resources to this? For the same reason the Canadian Bar Association is reporting on family law. Because Canadians have been discussing access to justice for decades and we have made barely any progress. The time for talk is past; the time for action is now.

In spring 2013, an elite panel of lawyers and other experts reported on family law, looking from the highest levels in the judicial system at the lack of access to justice. There are details on page 4 of my Edition One. The Canadian Bar Association held its Envisioning conference in Vancouver in April 2013, covering family law and more. They looked at family law from the highest level.

My report looks at it from the battlefields; from inside the case meetings and the mediation sessions and the court rooms. The problems are well known to those inside the legal world, but less known to the politicians responsible for making our laws, and the journalists responsible for explaining just about everything to just about everyone.

It is only when Canadians themselves go through the process of separation and divorce that gaps, cracks and disconnects become obvious.

It’s Time For Justice is a clear call to action.

Role of Politicians and Journalists

In this and future editions of It’s Time For Justice to be published during 2013, 2014 and 2015, I will put forward my own ideas and I will ask for ideas from people inside and outside the legal world.

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Family Law Stakeholders

On page four of the printed Edition One of It’s Time For Justice, I’ve listed just some of the stakeholders involved in separation and divorce in Canada.

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Five Actions To Take

We ask politicians to come up with ideas on improving Canada’s divorce laws. And we ask journalists to interview politicians, keep their “feet to the fire,” and explain how improvements to family law can be made if politicians are supported.

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What is in Future Editions

The content of Edition Two through to Edition Six will cover the wide range of issues and situations that make divorce a drawn out and costly process.

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